Documents and Forms

Before starting construction of any type, a zoning permit, a flood plain
permit and possibly a building permit are required prior to starting
construction. Permits may take several days for approval.


Building Permit Forms & Fees

Building Permit Application
To be completed prior to any type of alteration or construction.

Fee Schedule for Building Permits
Includes Residential, Commercial and Plan Review fees.

Customer Generated Power Application

Customer Generated Power Application
An application which is the first step of the process required for customer generated power.

Dumpster Permit Form

Dumpster Permit
This form must be displayed at a location proximal to the dumpster at all times during placement.

Floodplain Permit Application

Floodplain Permit Application
No work of any kind may start until a floodplain permit is issued.

Graph Paper

Graph paper PDF to download

Park Rental Applications

Admiral Boone Park

John Siney Park

Peddling and Soliciting Permit

Peddling and Soliciting Permit
An application for peddling or soliciting permit per the St. Clair Borough Code.

Property Maintenance Form

Property Maintenance Initial Complaint
Complaint initiation for violation of Borough regulations.

Residential Rental Forms

Rental Registration
To be completed by property owner for tenants living in the borough. Includes Residential Rental Property Inspection Form.

Road Opening Permit

Road Opening Permit
An application for a Road Opening Permit to perform work in or under any street, alley or thoroughfare within the Borough.

Vacation Watch Request

Vacation Watch Request
When going on a vacation or away from home for any extended period of time, please complete this form and return to the St. Clair Police Department or the St. Clair Municipal Building.

Variance and Zoning Forms & Fees

Zoning Fee Schedule
The following fees will be charged by the St. Clair Planning Commission for subdivision and land development.

 Zoning Permit Application
To be completed prior to erecting, altering, or demolishing a structure.

Application for Hearing before the Zoning Hearing Board (variance)
To be completed prior to requesting a hearing.

Appendix B to Subdivision Regulations
Application for subdivision plan.

Appendix C to Subdivision Regulations
Boundary line adjustment checklist. Includes minor subdivision final plan checklist, major subdivision preliminary plan checklist, and major subdivision final plan checklist.

Subdivision and Land Development Agreement Form
Form indicating the responsibility for the provision of improvements.

Subdivision and Land Development Fee Schedule
The following fees will be charged by the St. Clair Planning Commission for subdivision and land development reviews as authorized by the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, Act 247, as amended.